Wednesday, February 20

Poopgate: Shit flies, then sits, at Gannett newspaper

Here at the Chronicle, we've always figured that it must stink working for Gannett, the corporate monolith that publishes the Coloradoan, USA Today and tons of other papers. Now we have proof.

At the Gannett-owned Cherry Hill (NJ) Courier-Post, morale is so low among overworked and under-equipped staff that someone expressed their frustrations by defecating in the office's bathrooms without bothering to hit the toilet. Gawker and Gannett Blog have more details, including a letter from staff to management about the consequences of McMedia-styled administration.

Here's a brief excerpt from the letter:
Employees are overworked with no relief in sight, and not being paid for working overtime. Reporters often lack necessities to do their job, like having new notebooks; the photo department sometimes cannot handle assignments because of a lack of equipment. Upper management has taken an increasingly critical tone, often demeaning employees in public. The tension has increased to the point that the men's and women's bathrooms in the newsroom have been deliberately soiled by feces in separate incidents. This appears to be a result of demoralized employees seeking an outlet to vent ever-mounting frustration.
We haven't heard any reports of Coloradoan floor poopage (please, renegade Coloradoan employees, we know you're reading this -- indulge us), but we've got to wonder if these types of skills are part of the mentoring package that Gannett wants to implement through a partnership with the Collegian.

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Andy said...

You end with a salient point. Perhaps the bright and eager young journalist would actually get a wonderful education in modern American journalism if the Coloradoan took over the Collegian. Getting the proper dose of soul-crushing banality and self-parody at the earliest possible point in a journalism career might salvage their lives from a future of mediocrity and inevitable layoff.