Monday, March 24

From the Flickr Pool: Girl's Eye View

Chronicle contributor Bethany Kohoutek (memba Tancrazy Train?) is apparently a very talented photographer. When she was in CO for a visit last year, I thought she was snapping photos for a vacation photo album. You know, with the little thought-bubble text written all comic style above folks' heads? Nope. She could take photos for, like, Wendy's and Chili's...if they served veggie food. She's good is what I'm saying, like Wendy's and Chili's good, not McDonalds and T.G.I. Friday's good.

Here's one she took during her visit. It's called "Go West," and no it's not a T-shirt. Upload yours!

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bethany said...

you are way, way too kind, my friend. (blush.) and it's easy to snap pics when you're surrounded by beauty, like you peeps are in the FoCo. have you hugged a foothill today? by the way, regarding that flickr pool... i live two states away, and i'm posting more than you natives. how about a chronicle family photo??? or some rio patio? pickle, perhaps??