Thursday, March 13

newsrack vote postponed

Among the outstanding response we're already getting to this week's cover package on the newsrack ordinance, Fort Collins Councilman Kelly Ohlson stopped by this afternoon to chat. Unfortunately, I was out, but Sadie (our owner/publisher) was lucky enough to be in and spend some quality time with our favorite councilman. He delivered some new and other not-so-new information, as well as some notable Ohlson-isms.

I'm short on time, so let's do this in Top Five fashion:

1) Council has postponed the vote on the newsrack ordinance to an April date. Lisa Poppaw will be absent for the Tuesday, March 18 meeting, and apparently important or otherwise controversial votes are tabled if the full council is not present.

2) The city has increased the number of condominium bins in the ordinance from nine to twelve.

3) Councilman Ohlson assured Sadie that his decision in favor of this ordinance was not an "easy" one, despite saying on numerous occasions during meetings and work sessions that this was an "easy decision."

4) Ohlson is convinced that the condos will be either a "wash" for circulation numbers or possibly even an increase, despite evidence to the contrary that has been gleaned from other cities where condos are in place.

5) Ohlson is also convinced that online journalism is no threat to print.

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