Tuesday, March 4

Some night-before thoughts

Hillary Clinton is desperately pushing to get credit for delegates won in Florida. Ohio and Texas will participate in elections tomorrow that could determine the Democratic presidential nomination. These are also the three states that are most responsible for the Democratic Party getting so royally screwed in the last eight years. Florida in 2000, Ohio in 2004, and Texas for giving them Dubya to contend with.

Anyway, I just got this email from a college friend, who is an attorney living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area:
Who would of thunk it, but I'm the most important voter in the world. I will be caucusing tomorrow evening. My precinct is 72 percent Hispanic. I expect significant Hillary support (I'm backing Obama).
He didn't write what swayed his support, but he is a pretty fluent Spanish speaker, so maybe this ad won him over:

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