Tuesday, March 4

tuesday morning headlines

The final countdown?: The caucusing ends here.

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La otra eleccion: Spanish PM contenders face off.

FARC off: Colombian rebels rattle Ecuador.

Fleeting "fucks": FCC fights for its right to crack down on expletives.

Gene team: NoCo officials join forces on DNA lab.

The full Nelson: Shawna Nelson gets life in prison.


ZAF622 said...

Do you think the video found here will be a factor in Texas? Be sure to check out the lyrics post along with the video as well.

Zaffos said...

I posted the same video in my entry below the headlines. I figure it's got to be a factor, but I'm wondering for whom? Rumor has it that Huckabee supporters are preparing some ads with chanting in Latin.

ZAF622 said...

Sorry I missed it on your post Zaffos. Don't mean to clutter up the Holla.

Zaffos said...

No worries - we thrive on comment clutter at Holla.