Monday, May 12

Friday fandango

I ended up in Lyons on Friday night, and after wandering the town in the rain with a friend for a little while, we stumbled into the Outlaw Saloon, a NASCAR-and-longnecks kind of bar. Inside, we got a listen to Trucker's Daughter, a country band out of Fort Collins that plays the standards and some originals. The group has four regulars, fronted by singer-songwriter Michele Crockett (an actual trucker's daughter), and, in Lyons, they also had local celebrity/songwriter Jeff Finlin filling in on drums and looking pretty inconspicuous (Finlin told me he is wrapping up a new album; a release party will be held at Everyday Joe's in downtown Fort Collins on June 14).

After dancing a few numbers (and watching some local pick through our jacket pockets), I have to urge folks that love themselves some ol' Hank and Merle to go and check out the band. They'll be at Ragin' Ryan's in Loveland this coming weekend, and they also play at Swing Station in LaPorte.

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