Monday, June 18

sex on deadline

I'm loaded with thoughts on the alternative newspaper conference I recently returned from but, unfortunately, am also very delayed in my editing duties because of it. Instead, I'll encourage everyone else to start writing a piece for a new collection being put together by local authors and editors Laura Pritchett and Laura Katers. If nothing more, at least launch an "investigation." Here's their call for submissions:

Hello Writers!

Sex and Nature – two of our favorite topics. And oh, the exciting, funny, serious, revealing ways they can come together. Thus a new book exploring nature, sexuality, and the interplay between the two.

We’d like to hear from: Nature writers who’d like a venue for their more erotic essays. Erotica writers who feel a bond to the natural world. Writers who have a poem, essay, or short story about any of the myriad of ways eros/sexuality and nature can come together.

We’re interested in works that go beyond a sexual encounter outside – rather, we’d like to hear about the ways in which passion for the natural world fuels passion for human bodies, and vice versa, and the energy of both; the slippery, juicy, gritty, starry-eyed and magical ways these two powerful phenomena can come together; the ways in which being outdoors can make us feel vulnerable, powerful, or downright sexy; how nature can be sensual, confusing, exhilarating, much like love; humorous "events" in the wilderness (as in, what nature adds to the already sometimes strange sex act); a rendezvous that went awry; introspective thoughts on the entire spectrum of sexuality; ways in which nature might help define sexuality; and so on.

Here are the specifics: We're looking for lucid, lively, accessible essays, short stories, and poems that explore the connection between sexuality and nature. Deadline is September 1, 2007 ; submissions by email only, attached, in Word.doc format to

So spend your summer “researching” and writing about these two wonderful topics and where and how they converge.

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Looking forward to your take on the convention when you get the opportunity - please do feel free to crosspost!

-, web director, association of alternative newsweeklies