Thursday, July 26

afternoon delight

Two weeks after the Chronicle presented the Fort Collins Weekly with pie payment plan options for the trademark Fort Collins Now, the day of pie reckoning has arrived.

Everyone is welcome to the Chronicle offices (316 W. Mountain Avenue) at 1:30 p.m. today for a slice of fruit pie made locally by Cafe Ardour, an independent shop on Linden Street that uses local and organic ingredients for all their tasty offerings whenever possible.

We have photos from their kitchen and will be awaiting Weekly publisher Joel Dyer with arms open (and cameras focused).

The editorial department has a 2:30 meeting, so we'll be sure to post some pics before we start.

In the meantime, check out more pie coverage in this week's Westword. (We're glowing.)

And if you haven't been to the Fort Collins Now blog in a while, get there before the pie publishers retire.

1 comment:

jt said...

I seem to have come into possession of something that AssPublisher Josh Johnson may be interested in. I will accept one slice of that pie in return for one pair of fake-tortoise-shell-looking sunglasses. I will bring said glasses to the Chronicle offices at 2 p.m. If Josh does not comply, I will give said glasses to Joel Dyer to do with what he pleases.