Friday, January 11

bob mccluskey, come on out

Further fueling the rumors that Bob McCluskey will jump into the House District 52 race for a rematch against Representative John Kefalas, in a recent fundraising solicitation, Kefalas writes,

We fully expect that my opponent will be backed by an even more vigorous campaign than in 2006 and that our race is in the top five races statewide being targeted this cycle.
Those who live in the district will remember how absurdly the Northern Colorado Victory Fund targeted Kefalas with those strange and at times outright comical mailings in ’06. And who can forget the commercial showdown between "Hank and Lois" and "Andrew and Jane"? Here's a recap.


Andy said...

Love those ads. Courtesy of Andrew Boucher, House Majority Project, right?

vanessa said...

That first one is, fo sho. I don't think he ever tried to keep his involvement secret, being registered as the PAC contact and all. He also used his name when posting the video to YouTube.

He did, however, get sued for not filing the PAC's campaign reports properly, but the case was settled with Boucher eventually agreeing to file them.